Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17

Day 17 {Anniversary, Birthday, Due Date}

The day she was born...

Her Due Date

Her 1st Birthday
I woke up on her 1st birthday at 2:15 am so I could tell her Happy Birthday and that I loved her so very much!!

This is the first time I have ever shared her pictures on our blog...I contemplated it for awhile but I can't think of anything else I would want to show for the day she was born other than her picture.
I told a friend today that I can't stand being "that girl" with our friends that you have to worry about telling your pregnant, or having your newborn around, or not sure to share something exciting your child did that Hadley should be doing, etc.  My sweet friend reminded me that God has chosen for me to be "that girl" and it's what I do with the path He has given me that matters most to Him.

It's not easy being "that girl" but God isn't always as concerned with our emotions as He is with our salvation.  I'm so glad my salvation is covered by the blood of Jesus.  

I may not get to spend Hadley's birthdays with her on earth but I will be with her forever in eternity because of my Savior.

Being "that girl" yesterday, today, and tomorrow just means I'm one day closer to Heaven...and I'm going to keep on living for God's glory in the midst of this pain.



Ashley said...

Hadley is beautiful. I'm so sorry that we both know the pain of being "that girl"

The Coleman Crew said...

Hadley was beautiful in those pictures and I know she is perfect and beautiful in heaven. Proud of you friend!!

Sara said...

I am so glad that you shared the pictures... I love them... and I know that they are sooooo precious to you! She was perfectly made by our Father and is precious!!! Praying for you Melissa! I know how hard it can be at times to be "that girl" Thinking of you!