Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Day Book

Well I guess it should be titled Monday "Night" Book since Monday is almost over, but oh well!  I got this idea from a high school friend, Laura.  If you want to read a very witty blog that will sometimes make you laugh out loud and then make you really think, go to her blog!!  I love reading it!!

Outside my window … I can see Hadley's Garden.   It has grown so much.  I wonder how much she has grown in Heaven.  Will she still be a baby when I see her again?  So many questions...

I am thankful for …today and everyday I am thankful for Him and what he has blessed me with.  I'm also thankful for Blue Bunny Birthday Cake Ice cream that my sister-in-law just introduced me to.  I feel a little silly putting both of these in the same section but I'm being honest :)  A big bowl of ice cream after a long day with 5-6 year olds can really hit the spot!!

I am hoping … that I can continue to get stronger.  I had a hard Sunday yesterday.  I would be 30 weeks along in my pregnancy with Hadley on Tuesday and I'm hurting...bad.

On my mind …
sadly, medical bills.  I know God will provide, he ALWAYS does.

Noticing that …my daughter has grown so much in the past couple months.  It seems like she has moved from the baby to little girl stage.  She amazes me more and more everyday.

A few plans for the week … devotional and family time, work/school, Easter Egg hunt for Briley at school, Ranger game on Friday, and Easter fun this weekend!!

From the kitchen … Briley and I ate a Bertolli meal and it was fantastic!!  Perfect size for her and I when Daniel is at the fire station.  If you have never bought one I highly suggest it!!

Around the house … I did a lot of rearranging in the kitchen this weekend and I love how clean it looks.  I got rid of a few things and rearranged above my cabinets and I like it so much better.  Funny how you can do a little redecorating with things you already own!!

One of my favorite things … I love when we pull into Bluebonnet and Briley will immediately start saying, "Nonnie...Hadley?"  She knows we are there to talk to them, think about them, blow them kisses, pray with them, and tell them we love them.

A picture I am sharing...a picture of Briley and I at our church Easter Egg Hunt last year.  She was so little!!
In Christ's Love,


Laura said...

I love that you're using the day book idea! I borrowed it from a former youth minister friend of mine that was a great influence and mentor to me when I was in school. It's funny how some weeks all the answers will be funny and lighthearted, but another week will be more serious and introspective.

Anonymous said...

That icecream sounds so yummy!! Your sweet girl has grown so much since last Easter.