Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wonderful weekend and a Prayer Request

We had the best weekend.

It was so nice to spend time just Daniel and I.  We had such a great time at his best friends wedding and staying at the beautiful Gaylord.  It reminded me how blessed I am to be married to such a wonderful man!!  More on that later this week :) Our anniversary is Thursday!!

We picked up our cutie this afternoon and she was excited to see us...ok I'm fibbing...she could have cared less that we came to get her!!  She is so in love with her Gigi and I think she would have stayed all week!!  She is Queen Bee when she is over there so can you blame her??  :)

This evening, we picked up dinner at Sonic and took it to the park near our house.  I wanted to have a special dinner with Daniel and Briley since this is my last night before officially starting back to school full time.  We had so much fun tonight!!  Here are some pictures from our family time at the park!!

She is so excited to go to the park and "side" (slide)
She could barely eat she was so excited to play!!
Come on Mommy and Daddy!!
Daniel took this amazing picture tonight...
When I saw this picture I thought of how BIG and AMAZING our God is.  He paints the most beautiful masterpieces here on earth...can you even imagine how beautiful it must be in Heaven?  Wow...reminds me of how much he loves us.

I also have a prayer request that I want to share with you...

I have ALWAYS loved to read and write and I got that love from my sweet Mom.  She is such a wonderful writer and well her books are very worn because she reads them over and over again.  When Hadley passed away, God put many things on my heart, and one thing was writing.  I have loved writing about Hadley on this blog and like I have mentioned before it is really helping with my grieving.  God also put another idea on my write a book with my Mom.  A children's book about our Hadley.  My Mom and I are already working away on thinking of ideas for our book and I humbly ask you to please pray for us.  Pray for our journey in seeing this through.  Even if it is only a book that we can share with family and friends I know doing it will let Hadley's light shine forever.  So thank you in advance for your prayers!!  As we are working on this I plan to share more with you on where we are in the journey of writing our book about Hadley and what the book is about.  For now, we are blessed by your prayers!!

Have a blessed week!!

In Christ's Love,

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