Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday at the Park

Briley's birthday was the best day. *Warning: Picture Overload*

When Daniel got home from work he surprised Briley Ann with birthday donuts!!  You can tell by the pictures she enjoyed them!!  Well the sprinkles mostly...
We then distracted the birthday girl by putting her in our room to watch Mickey.  Daniel and I quickly carried her birthday present into the playroom.  I couldn't wait to see her face when she got a look at this...
Daniel went and got her from our room and she ran like lighting when Daddy told her she had a present in the playroom!!
She was so excited and starting cooking us "cookies" right away!!
Last year we took Briley to Chisholm Park.  This is a beautiful park where both Daniel and I grew up so we knew we wanted to try and make it a tradition on her birthday night to go every year.  We also invite our parents and siblings to come as well since we know how much they want to see her on her actual birthday too!!  We ordered a Chick fil a platter and had homemade ice cream (made by my husband) just like last year!!  We had such a great time sitting and talking, eating, and playing of course!!  Here are some fun pictures from the park!

Cupcake and birthday song time!!
I love this picture...this was the part of the song when we said, "Happy Birthday to Briley!!"
Present time!!
 Her birthday is complete...she got her Mickey and Minnie!!
 Showing Gigi her Mickey and will see them a lot in the rest of the pictures!!

We ended her birthday night when going to visit Nonnie and Hadley...I know God allowed both of them to look down on us today!!  I'm sure Nonnie and Hadley sang Happy Birthday to their granddaughter and big sister :)

The birthday girl is pooped!!

Because I always love a are some pictures from last year and this year.  It is amazing how much she has grown!!

Can't wait to compare pictures next year!!
In Christ's Love,


Adrianna Hurst said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Briley!! You are blessed to such wonderful parents and grand-parents...Looks as if you had fun for all of Sendara Ranch ;0) what a wonderful way to start off the summer!!

Big Hugs & Smiles,
Marissa & Lucianna Hurst

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Briley. Too cute! I love the start of new traditions.