Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer... here!!!

This is the picture I used for her invite and I had to share it!!  I'm so excited to be out of school so I can have a lot more time for this sweet little face.  We wasted no time and started yesterday on all of our tasks we need to get done before her birthday.  First task was painting the playroom!!  I am grateful to be keeping busy right now.  With Hadley's original due date approaching I know it is going to be a HARD month. 

On Friday, my friend Tracy, dropped of the mural she has been painting for Briley's playroom.  It is amazing.  I am so grateful to her for doing this.  I know it is something we will treasure for a long time.  I'm so glad we decided to paint it on canvases so we can take it with us when we move in the future.  If we would have painted it on the wall and later had to leave it, it would absolutely break my heart.  I love that it will always be up in our home wherever we live!!  Here is a sneak peek...I want to save the big reveal for when the playroom is finished.

We don't have too much planned for this week except for working on things at home.  I'm looking forward to being home with my family.  I do start a boot camp this Tuesday and Thursday and needless to say...I'M NERVOUS!!!  I haven't worked out in a LONG time but I know this is just what my body needs to feel better and healthier.  Say a prayer I make it through the first day...ha!!

In Christ's Love,

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