Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  We leave for Sea World in 5 days and do we have a hotel booked yet??  NO!!!  I still can't decide which hotel to stay at.  I'm thinking I want to stay close to the Riverwalk so we can have something fun to do for the 3 nights we are there.  I should probably get on that very soon!!  Luckily there are many many hotels in the San Antonio area and still lots of availability.

2.  We have had two play-dates back to back this week and they have been so much fun!!  We had one yesterday with my sweet friend, Heather, and her son Landon.  Here is Heather reading a book to Landon and Briley....
Heather has been such a wonderful friend to me these past few months.  She lost her son Logan to premature birth and it is so healing to be able to talk to someone that knows exactly what you are feeling and going through.  I am SO thankful to God for her friendship!!  Love you Heather!!

We also had another playdate today after my boot camp (which is going GREAT by the way), with my friends, Tracy, Trish, and Tiffany.  Wow, all T names...I feel a little left out...ha ha!!  Their kiddos, Elliott (Tracy), Tristan (Tiffany), and Grayson, LD, and Sadie (Trish), all came to check out Briley's new playroom and they had so much fun.  The Mom's had a great time talking and catching up.  I love these 3 so much and I know our kiddos are going to grow up loving each other too...we make them hang out A LOT!!  Here area  few pictures I captured when the kiddos weren't running around!!
 Cutie pie Tristan

 Briley's best friend...Elliott!!

 Who doesn't love to play the cymbals in heels???  Briley you crack me up!!

 Sweet Sadie!!

 Briley watching Grayson play instruments

Briley, LD, and Tristan and the playroom a disaster...that's how you know kids are having fun right??  (I promise to post a picture of the playroom all cleaned up and the before and after soon!!)

3.  My Mom gave Briley a trunk for her birthday to put all her dress clothes in and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!  She found a lady that covers trunks in fabric and puts the child's name on the front and top of the trunk.  Of course my Mom filled the trunk with goodies as well and here are some pictures of Briley opening her dress up trunk from Gigi and Pa!!

In Christ's Love,


Anonymous said...

It is so cool that you all are going to Sea World in San Antonio. We will be there in a few weeks ourselves with my hubby! He'll be home on leave! Hope you find a great place to stay and if you have any do's/don't's please pass them on from your experience there. Thanks! Have a blast!!

The Anglin Family said...

Sounds like me..:) I am a last minute indecisive kind of person:)

Have fun on your trip!! And Briley is a cutie pie!!