Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To pee or not to pee...

To Pee!!!!!

I haven't updated since Saturday because we celebrated my brother's 18th birthday on Sunday and have been working hard on potty training!!  Potty training is going VERY well.  We are using the 3-day potty training method and so far I have nothing bad to say about it.  Briley had one accident the 1st morning and since then she has told me every time she needs to go.  I feel like it is going way too well but maybe she will just be one of those that gets it right away?!?!  Either way, I am very proud of her!!!  Here are a few pictures of celebrating Uncle John's birthday and from our first successful pee-pee in the potty!!  Sorry...this Mom likes to document everything :)

 Happy 18th Birthday Uncle John!!
 Meeting her friend Emma!!
Sweet girls!!

Potty time!!
Saying cheese for our 1st successful trip to the potty!!
Have to flush.......and wash our hands!!

Time to pick out a sticker for our chart!!

On Day 2 you are allowed to leave your house for an hour so we went up to my school to drop a few things off and we made two successful trips to the potty while we were there!!  We came home and added more stickers to her chart right away!!

Here's hoping we can keep it up!!

In Christ's Love,

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Lisa said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that potty training is a huge success.