Sunday, July 3, 2011

San Antonio Part 1

We had the BEST time as a family visiting San Antonio.  I love being a Texas girl for many reasons, but one is that we can take such a fun vacation right in our very own state!!  Last summer we talked about going to Sea World but decided that Briley was still too little and it would be better to wait.  I'm glad we did because for her first time she was the perfect age!!  Of course we took about 700 pictures and so I'm going to break our trip up into 3 posts...and don't worry I'm not planning on posting all of them!!!  But I do want to remember our trip when I look back in our blog book I order at the end of the year, so I apologize for all the details :)

After we released Hadley's balloons on Tuesday we were off!! 
Briley fell asleep right away because apparently we woke her up too early!!

 Mom and Dad are ready to go!!

We made it!!
Who doesn't love a little monkey jumping on the bed?

After we rested a bit, we got dressed and headed down to the Riverwalk for dinner!!  I was excited to take Briley to eat at the Rainforest Cafe because I figured she would love it...WRONG.  She was afraid of the animals and the thunderstorm!!  She wasn't deathly afraid but you could tell she was not enjoying it.  The pictures are pretty comical though!!
A thunderstorm???  What??
I'll close my eyes and hug Mommy until it's over!!

While we were waiting on dinner, Daniel decided to take her to see the animals around the restaurant.  Once again she wasn't having it!!
She is into closing her eyes real tight when something scares her so we have a lot of pictures like that!!

Another thunderstorm???
Love this one!!  I think we look a lot alike in these pictures :)

We decided that she had done a pretty good job at dinner eating and being scared so we bought the monkey cup full of cherry icee as a treat!!

Here is a cute video Daniel took during one of the "thunderstorms" and getting her monkey cup!!

A few pictures with Mommy and the animals...she was ready to leave!!
I think I was a little scared of that Tiger too!!  Yikes!!

After dinner we decided to walk along the river and look for a place to buy boat tickets.  Daniel is a big history buff and loves any kind of tour where you can learn about the city!! Here are a few pictures before our boat ride.

The boat was filled with people all around us and it was pretty hot so we don't have that many pictures but it was so interesting and we are glad we did it!!  We learned some really cool stuff about the Riverwalk and downtown San Antonio.  Did you know the drain the river every year in January??  Our tour guide said they find a lot of interesting stuff at the bottom...mostly wallets!!
The River was so pretty at night and surprisingly not too hot!!

We had such a great first night in SA!!  

On our way back to the hotel I wanted to see the Alamo at night and so we drove by and Daniel got this amazing shot!!

Next post- San Antonio Part 2...Sea World!!!!

In Christ's Love,

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun! Craig and I were thinking that San Antonio or Austin might be our first family trip with Natalie. I have heard a lot of people doing "blog books." I thought maybe I would do one with each of her "monthly" updates in it. Where do you get those done and how and all that other kind of info...