Tuesday, July 5, 2011

San Antonio Part 2

Day 2 we woke up bright and early so we could get to Sea World right when they opened.  I definitely recommend this because we got awesome parking and ended up being very close to the front of the line!!

Here are a few pictures waiting to get in the park!!

Our first stop was to feed the dolphins.  We were told by a friend to head there first because during the day it gets to crowded and the dolphins aren't as hungry.  We are so glad we did because it was SO NEAT!!  Briley wasn't too sure about it but Daniel and I loved it!!
We then headed to the beautiful aquarium with all the sharks!!  That's one of the things I love so much about Sea World...everything is so well taken care of!!
We then headed to see our first show...the Sea Lions!!  We decided to feed them first which was so much fun because there were hilarious!!  They were so loud...they definitely wanted food!!
We then headed over to the Dolphin and Beluga Whale tank to the see show Azul.  This one was so amazing!!  They had divers, synchronized swimmers, trainers swimming with dolphins and beluga whales, and beautiful birds that were a part of the show!! 
Taking our picture with the pretty bird girl!!

After this show we stopped for lunch and then decided to walk over to the Lost Lagoon waterpark to cool off.  I don't have pictures yet from there because we used our water camera and I need to get them developed.  It was great to cool off in the lazy river, wave pool, and Briley had a blast at the children's area where water was coming out from every direction!!  You can tell how much fun she had by the next picture...
We then headed to see the famous Shamu show!!  I have to admit I was a little disappointed because I kept waiting for the trainers to swim with them, but Daniel said they don't do that anymore because of an accident that happened a couple years ago.  Still, it was a great show!!  My favorite shot is of the Mommy and baby Shamu!!
After the Shamu show it was blistering hot, so we headed over to the NEW Sesame Street Bay of Play Splash Park!!  It is geared toward toddler age so I new Briley would love it...and she did!!  She was not happy when we pulled her away to watch another show!!
We walked over to watch the boat show were they do tricks with skiers and jet ski's and then we stopped so Daniel and I could have a snack and Briley could eat dinner!!  The food was actually REALLY good!!  On our way we ran into Shamu too!!
After dinner, Daniel somehow talked me into standing with Briley in front of the splash roller coaster...I think he just wanted to play with the settings on our camera!!  It does make for some fun shots though!!
For the rest of the evening we played at the Bay of Play and even met some of the Sesame Street characters!!

As you can tell our day was jam packed but it was so much fun!!  We were so proud of Briley and how well she did with only about a 45 min nap.  We made so many special memories and it was just what our family needed with such a hard month to endure.

We ended the night with finding our two favorite places right next door to each other...
Daniel and I decided after eating at BOTH places that it was definitely worth the 5 hour drive from home to eat there...and the fun we had at Sea World too!!  :)

Next up San Antonio Part 3...Alamo and Children's Museum!!

In Christ's Love,

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Amanda said...

So fun! She is at such a great age for Sea World! The girls loved looking at the pictures too! :) Love your new header! :)