Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I don't get it...but I still trust Him.

On Monday I went to a funeral for a firefighter that Daniel used to work with in Brownwood.  It was the first funeral I have been to since Hadley's.  Sadly Daniel has now been to 2 since his Mom and Hadley's.

It has been a hard year for our family and I can't help but think that it is only July.  Daniel and I keep saying we just want this year behind us.  This year has brought a lot of pain but what I do want to say is that Hadley and her birth is not what brought our pain.  The events surrounding her did.  I want her memory and precious short life to be thought of with joy.  

The funeral we attended on Monday was for Firefighter Shannon Stone.  Some of you may have seen what happened to him because it has been all over the news this weekend.  He was at a Texas Ranger game on Thursday night with his son and while reaching to catch a foul ball from Josh Hamilton, he slipped and fell over the rail.  He was conscious after the fall and all he could keep asking was for someone to make sure his son was ok.  Sadly, he passed away on the way to the hospital with his precious son Cooper in the front seat of the ambulance with him.  Daniel received the call that the person who fell over the rail was Shannon and him and another firefighter went to the hospital to be with the other Brownwood firemen that they used to work with, and of course to support the family.  While he was there I kept thinking about Cooper and his wife Jenny.  Our family has suffered a lot this year, but can you even imagine what Jenny or Shannon's parents were going through?  I prayed over and over for his family that night.

The funeral that his family and Brownwood fire department put together was truly amazing.  They did such a wonderful job honoring him and all he had done as a fireman.  More importantly they talked about how much he loved his wife Jenny, his little boy Cooper, and what a servant he was to others.

I thought Ch. 5 did a nice job with this video from the day of the funeral...
View more videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com.

The funeral was hard to attend.  It was hard because of the circumstances surrounding it, it was hard because the last funeral I was at was Hadley's, it was hard because I am also a fireman's wife, it was hard because we don't understand.  

I don't get it...but I still trust Him.

How can you even begin to wrap your head around a tragedy like this?  You can't.  So I'm not going to try to understand it or keep asking God why?  Instead I'm writing this post to honor Shannon, his family, and most importantly to praise our God.

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." -Romans 8:18

If you want to donate to The Shannon Stone Memorial Fund that the Texas Ranger Foundation set up click here...Memorial Fund

In Christ's Love,

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Lisa said...

I saw that story on the news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Stone family. I can't even imagine...sigh.
I've only opted to go to one funeral service since my son passed. It was so hard. I remember walking into the place and having my breath taken away. We have to trust in our Heavenly Father.