Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Midweek Randoms...

I love summer.  Our week so far has been the perfect summer fun.
 This week we have...

Been on the lake riding the new family jet ski!!

Taken Briley to see her first movie, Winnie the Pooh!!  She did pretty good, only got up a few times and lucky for us we had the whole row to ourselves so we let her wander just a bit.  She keeps talking about Pooh and Tigger!!
(Don't you love her m&m chocolate face?? We had to get her favorite candy for her first movie experience!!)

We also had a fun swim playdate with great friends!

I also have accomplished two more "pins" this week.  This website can sure make a not so creative girl feel pretty crafty!!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Even in this heat I am loving our summer!!

I have to share one more thing before I end this post.  A couple weeks ago I linked up with the blog, Still Life With Circles, to complete the Right Where I Am project.  You posted the numbers of days, months, years, etc. that you were from your loss and how you were handling your grief at that time.  You can read mine here.

Another blogger, Jack, who lost his second child in March, also linked up with the project.  He did something amazing from this.  He read every single entry in that link up (160) and created this beautiful piece of artwork from it...
You can click on it to make it bigger.  Here is an excerpt from his blog about the project...

"This piece is dedicated to the 160 babyloss parents who took part in Angie's epic Right Where I Am project (as of July 18) and to all of our babies that were lost. It is also dedicated to the thousands of faceless parents around the world that lose babies every year (some 30,000 in America alone). I originally joined the project because I wanted to soak up as much as I could from everyone who has gone before us. And as I feel Margot slipping away from me as the days without her trudge on, I felt like this was a way for me to be close to her and to honor her death. So, I read and read and read, all the way up to last night, when I read and filed away the 160th post in the project. "

I zoomed in on my excerpt in the below picture.  It's funny I only read through it once and was able to find mine immediately.  My writing is in the black box along with Hadley's name at the bottom.

 Isn't that amazing?  When I feel so incredibly alone in my grief I'm going to read this and remember I am definitely not alone.  Not only is GOD with me but other baby loss mom's and dad's are right there with me as well!!!

Hope your week is treating you well!!

In Christ's Love,


Sara said...

Wow Melissa, that Right where we are is powerful... I think I could have written almost anything that is on that page... it really was beautiful and you are right we are not alone... God is always with us... but there are many here in the flesh that are walking the same path. It helps to know we don't make this journey by ourselves. Praying for you. Thanks for sharing that.

Lisa said...

So lucky to have a lake close to your house. It looks like you'll be having a lot of fun there. Your projects came out great. Thank you for sharing Jack's Right Where I Am Creation. It is so beautiful to read.

Matushka Anna said...

That is the most amazing thing. I came from Still Life With Circles and couldn't BELIEVE that he put all of that together. I anxiously went back to see if I had "made the cut" and I had, squeaking in at #158. I searched and searched...and found my darling son Innocent.

Thank you so much for this. I'm in tears.

Matushka Anna said...
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