Monday, July 18, 2011

Pin this....Pin that

I'm sure most of you have heard of the new website that is making ladies of all ages swoon...Pinterest of course!!

I love that all of your ideas can be categorized for you and you can search and steal pin other people's ideas.

I am finding ideas for...
our home, 
crafts I wish I could do, 
classroom ideas, 
party decor and food, 
photography shots, 
holiday decor,
adorable outfits for B and me too,
 ...just to name a few!!  It is super addicting and I'm having to pace myself and only let myself "pin" once a day.  

So I thought it would be fun on this Monday to show you my latest pins...

Dry Erase Board made with glass frame and scrapbook paper

Magazine holder in bathroom cabinent for flat iron, curling iron, etc...why didn't I think of this??

Love this for B's can find these already made at Hobby Lobby!!

Would love to do this in a deep red to match our living room
Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

Yes I'm crazy and already thinking of 3rd birthday party ideas for Briley :) Love these!!
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Can't wait for Christmas this year!!

If I had style...

Love these teacher ideas!!

Few ideas for Briley Ann...

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Isn't it so much fun??  If you aren't "pinning" I HIGHLY suggest it.

I have to share my first "pin" that I completed.  It doesn't look as pretty as the picture (taken with my phone) but I tried right?!?!

Pin idea
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


Happy pinning!!!
(not sure why my font is so big...that is blogger for ya!!)

In Christ's Love,


Angie said...

I love pinterest...It is so fun and addicting :)

I love that Christmas square wreath! Too cute!

The Anglin Family said...

Im now following you:)

Lisa said...

Thanks to your post I signed up today. I have not informed my husband of my newest addiction yet.