Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th Weekend

Now that my San Antonio posts are completed I can get to our July 4th weekend!!  We had a great time with family celebrating our beautiful country!!

On Sunday, Daniel's dad, sister, and cousin came out to enjoy some hamburgers on the grill and the fireworks that are neighborhood puts on.  Daniel set up the swimming pool for Briley and we had so much fun watching her swim!!  This is our 3rd year of having fireworks in our neighborhood...the 1st year was the year Briley was born!!  I can't believe how fast time flies!!  Here are some pictures from our night :)
 After swimming we went inside and had some delicious hamburgers on the grill and then enjoyed some of the famous Chocolate Goodie that I spontaneously decided to make that day.  It is one of Daniel's Mom's recipes that she used to make for every special occasion and it is AMAZING!!!  I will definitely carry on her tradition and make it for our family often :)
After dinner and dessert we headed outside for sparklers and fireworks!!

For the 4th we had tickets to go see our one and only Texas Rangers!!  I was so excited to see them on the the actual 4th of July because of the amazing fireworks show they have and they did not was amazing!!!  Daniel, Briley, and I went to the game with my Mom (my Dad and brother were out of town), Daniel's dad, sister, and one of his sister's friends.  It was a great group and I got some great photos at the game...which is always a bonus for me :)

We have taken the same family picture at 4th of July 3 years in a row and I love looking to see how much Briley has changed...
In Christ's Love,

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