Friday, May 27, 2011

Dad's 50th and Friday Fun!!

Last night we celebrated my Dad's 50th Birthday!!!  We went to one of his favorite restaurants, Texas Land and Cattle, and it was DELICIOUS!!!  My younger brother, Andrew, is in town from Boston and it made last night even that much better having him home!!  We miss him so much and wish he would come home.  But, he is doing really well there and we are very proud.  I definitely could not have moved away like he did right out of college, but he knew it would be a great opportunity and we are so happy for him.  Though we do look forward to the day he is back on Texas soil :)  Here are some fun pics from last night celebrating my wonderful and amazing Dad!!!! 
She LOVES her Uncle Andrew.  She doesn't get to see him very much but we skype often and she gets SO excited to talk to her Uncle!!  She melts his heart like no other!!
Butter anyone?
"Happy to You Pa"
A little scared with all the singing...haha!!
Practicing for her birthday in a few weeks!!
Want some cake Pa?
Mega (our amazing grandmother) and Andrew
Gigi feeding B some yummy cake!!
Briley, Gigi, and Gigi's best friend Janet
Mouth full of what else?  Icing!!
LOVE him.
Today was busy at school!!  It was our last assembly for the school year and it was sad :(  Our school is splitting this year because we are so big and a new elementary school is opening in our subdivision in the fall.  So we will be going from 800 kids to 400.  We are losing a lot of amazing teachers to the new school.  Including 3 from my kindergarten team.  We will only be a team of 3 next year.  I'm trying to be ok with change, but it is hard.  I'm going to miss them so much.  More on that in another post...too much to say!!

After school, I rushed to pick up Briley so we could go and enjoy a fun birthday party!!  Briley's friend LD turned 2 and she had so much fun at the party!!  It was the absolute perfect location for a birthday party full of toddlers.  Here are some fun pics of Briley and her friends...
Briley and Elliott loved the "baby" center
She was singing "rock-a-bye baby"
Briley's BFSB...Elliott (isn't she precious?) LOVE HER.
Briley wasn't brave enough to do this alone and Mom didn't bring socks to do it with her but lucky for me she wasn't too interested!!  Maybe next time!! 
Sweet boys!!
Picture time!!!
Amari...what a cutie!!!
Not too bad of a group pic with most under 3-4!!!
Somebody is done with pictures!!
Happy 2nd Birthday LD!!!
Briley seems so big to me in the pictures where she is sitting at the table!!  Where did our baby go?  She has gotten so big right before our eyes...she is such a joy to us everyday!!

We are celebrating Hadley's 3 months with Jesus tomorrow morning.  It's hard each month when the 28th comes but I treasure going to the cemetery with Daniel and Briley and releasing the pink balloons.  Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the Ranger game with my kindergarten team and all the hubbies!!  We are excited to spend time together before school is officially out.  Sunday we are painting the playroom and Monday we are RELAXING!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!  Aren't 3 day weekends just what the doctor ordered??

In Christ's Love,

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