Sunday, May 1, 2011

Surprise Spa Day

When I found out I was having another sweet baby girl, several of my friends offered to give me a "sprinkle" shower for Hadley.  After talking with me, they set the date for April 30th.  Yesterday.  I knew that day was going to be hard, so my best friend Tracy (one of the shower hostesses) suggested that her and I go to get the royal treatment at a spa that day.  I quickly agreed knowing that day was going to be hard and I felt that being pampered might help ease the pain a little.

Well, to my surprise, my Mom and Tracy had been planning a "Surprise Spa Day" for quite some time and when I walked in several of my sweet family and friends were there to be pampered with me!!  I of course started crying and just felt so blessed to have people like them in my life that would do this for me.

Adorable Invite!!
My Mom and Briley, Marissa, Tracy, Me, Tiffany, and Ashley...Mariah (my sister-in-law) was getting her massage and my Aunt Carol was getting a pedicure!!
Friends I treasure so much!!
My sweet Mom, surprised me with a gift card to the spa and I received a 1 hour massage, 30 min facial, and a manicure.  It was AMAZING.  I was just feeling all the stress leave my body and sitting and enjoying my family and friends this day made it that much better.
My amazing Mom...beware of me, I had just had a facial!! Eeekk no makeup!!
My sweet friend, Marissa-she just had a facial too and her skin was beautiful!!
Tracy (my amazing friend who put this together) and my sweet sis-in-law, Mariah, getting pedicures!!
Briley needed to help give her Auntie a pedicure :)
She helped pick out colors for everyone
Tea Party with Gigi at the Spa
Stylish little girl!!
She is all pampered out!!  Big thank you to my Mom who took Briley to eat lunch and entertained her while all of us got pampered.  I think I owe my Mom a pedicure for sure :)
Sweet sisters and sweet friends...Tiffany and Ashley
My sis-in-law....Mariah (isn't she beautiful??)  Love her so much.
I also want to thank my other family and friends that I know wanted to be there so bad but couldn't!!  I just felt so blessed and pampered yesterday and I know that is what my family and friends wanted even if they couldn't be there...they definitely succeeded in doing it!!

Even though the plans we had for April 30th did not work out like we thought...God is still taking care of me and will continue to do so forever.  Like I always say...His plan is perfect.

Being pampered yesterday made me think a lot about Hadley and how she is being pampered in Heaven!!  Don't we all long for the day when we can be pampered by His love forever??

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!!

In Christ's Love,

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Melani said...

What sweet family and friends you have! Such a cute surprise!!!