Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Day Book

Outside my window …it is sunny!!  I'm tired of the rain.  I hope it stays nice for Memorial weekend.

I am thinking …how excited I am to start a bible study with my best friend Sarah.  She has been doing a bible study with the same women for several years now and I am honored to join the group in June.  We are studying Linda Dillow's book, Creative Counterpart: Becoming the Woman, Wife, and Mother You Have Longed To Be. I can't wait!!

I am thankful for …Briley.  She can make me smile even when my heart is hurting so bad.

I am hoping …that I can stick with my boot camp I am going to do this summer for six weeks.  Time to get back in shape and feel better about the way I look.

On my mind ... that I have so much do to before school is over in 8 days!!!

Noticing that …I can't keep a clean house lately.  I will pick up and piles still seem to form.  Looking forward to summer and a clean house!!

A few plans for the week …School, Dad's 50th Birthday celebration on Thursday night, my wonderful brother Andrew coming in from Boston (we miss him so much), celebrating sweet Hadley this Saturday on the 28th by releasing 3 balloons, and going to the Ranger game with my wonderful kindergarten team and all the hubbies!! 

From the kitchen … Bertolli alfredo sauce.  YUM!!  We used it last night to make chicken alfredo (not my favorite, but I'll eat it) and the sauce is amazing.  It is a little more expensive than regular prego but it is worth it!!

Around the house … We are organizing.  We finally moved the computer into our room and have officially started cleaning out the playroom closet.  I'll be was like a knife in the heart putting up things I should be keeping out to use with Hadley.  But I put on praise music while I organized and God calmed my heart, He always does.  Next on the list...paint the walls in the playroom yellow!!

One of my favorite things …friends.  I can't tell you how blessed I have been these past 3 months with wonderful friendships.  

A picture I am sharing...2 years ago at this time we were taking maternity pictures for Briley.  I love this picture that was captured of Daniel and I.  
It is REALLY hard not to think about the week I would be if Hadley was still with us.  I loved knowing that her and Briley were going to have birthday's in the same month and be two years apart.  What stings even more is right now Briley is so in love with babies and anytime we are out and she see's a baby she just coos over it and can't get enough of them.  It hurts knowing that we won't get to see Briley be a big sister to Hadley here on earth.  I'm writing all of these things down because I've already said them to God over and over again.  When I'm really discouraged I look for the joy I have been given from Hadley and I feel better.  Today I am going to remember that Briley is still a big sister and that her sweet baby sister is in perfect Heaven.  I know and TRUST that God has more baby sister's or brother's in store for Briley.   
Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and who's hope is in the LORD. -Jeremiah 17:7

I hope everyone had a terrific Monday.  Last Monday of school for me before summer :)

In Christ's Love,

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