Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I wonder what birthday's are like in Heaven? 

Yesterday was my Mother-in-laws birthday.  I miss her so much. 

She absolutely loved when Carrie Underwood sang Christian hymns and please let this song play as you look at some of my favorite pictures of Tammie.

She won her battle with cancer and is in Heaven, pain-free, and holding her granddaughter.  Can I be honest?  I would have a lot harder time with Hadley being gone if Tammie wasn't there.  God is so amazing.  My head tells me I want both of them here.  My heart tells me no.  They are experiencing more joy than we can ever bring them.  Thank you God for knowing more than we do and allowing us to trust in you.

For her birthday, we all wore yellow, visited her at Bluebonnet, and ate at her favorite restaurant...On the Border!!  The frame in the pictures below is one that I made to give to Daniel yesterday.  It is going to hang in Briley's room right by her bed.  I love that when you walk in Briley's room that is the first thing you will see.

Nonnie, we miss you so much.  Briley still talks about you all the time and I love seeing the smile on Daniel's face when she says your name.  I know Heaven is everything and more...and I can't wait until we are a complete family again in Heaven.  I love you so much and thank you for holding our little girl until we can again.  You are amazing.  No wonder God needed you sooner than we thought.  

In Christ's Love,

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